The Manchu Dynasty

(Ta Ch'ing Ch'ao )


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1661 - 1722 H.M. Emperor K'ang-hsi [Shng Tsu Jn Huang Ti] [Ho T'ien Hung Yn Wn Wu Jui Ch Kung Chien K'uan Y Hsiao Ching Chng Hsin Chung Ho Kung T Ta Ch'ng Jn], the Great Illustrious Emperor of the Great Ch'ing Dynasty, Son of Heaven, Lord of Myriad Years, etc. b. at the Palace of Supreme Benevolence, 4th May 1654, educ. privately. Appointed as Heir Apparent by his father, 4th February 1661. Proclaimed on the death of his father, 5th February 1661. Enthroned 7th February 1661. Reigned under a Cncl. of regents until he came of age and assumed full ruling powers, 25th August 1667. Defeated the Russiens in 1685 and signed the Treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689, the first treaty with a European power. m. fifty-four wives, including, m. (first) 16th October 1665, H.M. Empress Hsiao Ch'eng Hsuan-ye (b. 4th February 1654; d. in child-birth, 16th June 1674), raised to the title of Empress as Ch'eng Huang Hou 16th October 1665, and received the posthumous title of Hsiao Ch'eng Hsuan-ye Huang Hou 30th July 1674, daughter of General Gabula, Tch'eng-ngen-kong, of the Heseri tribe, sometime cdr. of the Imperial Guard. m. (second) H.M. Empress Hsiao Chao-jen (d. in childbirth, 18th March 1678), raised to the rank of Empress as Chao-jen Huang Hou 17th March 1678, and the posthumous title of Hsiao Chao-jen Huang Hou 11th May 1678, daughter of Ebulun, Duke Kouo-i-kong, of the Nuhuru clan, sometime Grand Preceptor. m. (third) 1677, H.M. Empress Hsiao Yi-chen (d. 24th August 1689, bur. Ching-ling Mausoleum, Hebei), raised to the rank of Kuei Fei 18th September 1677, prom. to Huang Kuei Fei 28th January 1682, Empress as Yi-chen Huang Hou 23rd August 1689, and to the posthumous title of Hsiao Yi-chen Huang Hou 3rd November 1689, eldest daughter of Prince Tung Kuo-wei [Tuan-ch'un], of the Tunggiya clan and Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner, sometime Chamberlain of the Imperial Bodyguard and MSC. m. (fourth) 1677, H.M. Dowager Empress Hsiao Kung Jen-shou (b. 1660; d. 25th June 1723, bur. Ching-ling Mausoleum, Hebei), granted the titles of Te Pin 15th November 1679, Te Fei 28th January 1682, Empress Dowager with the title of Jen-shou Huang T'ai Hou 10th January 1723, and the posthumous title of Hsiao Kung Jen-shou Huang Hou 11th September 1723, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Wei-wu, Tch'eng-ngen-kong, of the Uya clan, of the Manchu Yellow Banner Corps. m. (a) 1661, a daughter of Ayusi, a Mongol from the Borjigan tribe. m. (b) 1666, Jung Fei [Magiya-chi], daughter of Kai Chan, of the Magiya clanan Under-Secretary. m. (c) 1667, Chang-chia (d. 1699). m. (d) 1669, Hui Fei [Nara-chi], sister of T'ung Pin, and daughter of Secretary Suulhuo, of the Nara clan. m. (e) 1670, Tuan Pin, a lady from the Tung clan. m. (f) 1673, Jugiya. m. (g) 1674, T'ung Pin [Nara-chi], sister of Hui Fei, and daughter of Secretary Suulhuo, of the Nara clan. m. (h) 1678, Gorolo Kuei Jn, sister of I Fei, and daughter of Captain Sankoan Pao. m. (i) 1678, I Fei [Kururu-chi], sister of Gorolo, and daughter of Captain Sankoan Pao. m. (j) 1679, Ch'eng Fei [Daigiya-chi] (d. December 1740), daughter of Cho-k'i, of the Daigiya clan, Treasurer of the Imperial Household. m. (k) 1682 (or after 1689) …(b. 1668; d. 1743), younger daughter of Prince Tung Kuo-wei [Tuan-ch'un], of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner, sometime Chamberlain of the Imperial Bodyguard and MSC. m. (l) 1680, Liang Fei [Wei-chi] [Hinyeku] (d. 1711), daughter of Abunai Ngo-pou-nai (Nei-koang-ling of a banner and a mandarin?), of the Wei family of bondservants. m. (m) 1682, Wen-hsiiKuei Fei [Niuhuru-chi], daughter of the Imperial Preceptor T'ai-che Kouo-i-kong Ngo-pi-long, of the Niuhuru clan. m. (n) 1685, Ting Pin [Wanlihua-chi], daughter of Secretary T'ouo-eul-pi, of the Waliuha clan. m. (o) 1685, King-Min Huang Kuei Fei [Janggiya-chi], daughter of Colonel Hai K'o-an, of the Janggiya clan. m. (p) 1688, Yan Fei. m. (q) 1690, P'ing Fei [H-ch-li-chi](d. 1696), sister of Empress Hsiao Ch'eng Hsuan-ye, and daughter of Colonel Gabula, Tch'eng-ngen-kong, of the Heseri tribe. m. (r) 1692, Chun-yi Mi Pin [Wang-che], daughter of the Deputy Prefect Wang Kouo-cheng. m. (s) 1694, Wang II, another lady from the Wang family. m. (t) 1696, Chun-yu Ch'in Pin, daughter of Ch'en Min, an Officer of the 2nd rank of the Imperial Escort. m. (u) 1697, Concubine Liu. m. (v) 1700, Ho Fei, of the Guwalgiya clan. m. (w) 1701, Siang Pin [Kao-chi], daughter of Kao Ting-sieou. m. (x) 1707, Niohuru Fei II, another lady from the of the Niohuru clan. m. (y) 1710, Hi Pin, daughter of Ch'en Yu-king. m. (z) 1710, Kin Pin [Sehotu-chi], daughter of Under-Secretary Touo-eul-tsi. m. (za) 1712, Ch'en Kuei Jen, daughter of Ch'en Sieou. m. (zb) 1712, Ching Pin [Shih-chi], daughter of Shih Hoai-yu. m. (zc) 1714, Mu Pin, daughter of Ch'en Ki-chan. m. (zd) Hsuan Fei (d.s.p. 12th September 1736), ne Iletu, daughter of the brother of one of Emperor Shun-chih's consorts, a Korchin Mongol. He d. at the Ch'ang-ch'un Palace, near Peking, 20th December 1722 (bur. Ching-ling Mausoleum, Hebei), having had issue, thirty-six sons (18 of whom had sons, 123 in number) and twenty daughters (8 of whom married):
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