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Welcome!  This site is for all fan fiction writers and readers who like to see their favorite characters written or described in canon or non-canon format.  The characters in Red Dragon, The Silence of The Lambs and Hannibal are the property of Thomas Harris.   No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made.  This site is a celebration  for these wonderful characters.

November, 2004: We extend a warm welcome to our new co-Webmistress, RunningWithTheDeer. I have asked RWD, as she is fondly known, to help me with running Visionary as it is a large archive that commands more than one person running it. She has been and is a competent beta reader and has graciously accepted to undertake this sometimes daunting task. RWD is new to the web coding experience and so I ask your indulgence and patience as she learns, for it will help us to keep Visionary more currently updated in the long run.

Welcome, RunningWithTheDeer!


To those of you who are new to the Visionary experience, welcome! I am Horserider, Visionary's Webmistress. I have now taken up the reins of the site entirely; Kabochon, Visionary's founder and my former co-Webmistress, has asked me to take over the site as she will be entering a doctorate program and does not anticipate having the time in the near future to be able to work on the site.

My eternal grateful thanks goes out to Kabochon for sprouting Visionary's roots, introducing me to webmistressing, and giving Lecterphiles all over the world a place to archive their Lecter fan fiction and celebrate Mr. Thomas Harris' wonderful creation. Visionary is currently the largest Lecter fan fiction archive of quality works on the web worldwide, and more stories are being added all the time. We wish Kabochon the best and hope to see her send us more of her wonderful stories when she can.

Due to time and space constraints, Visionary will no longer accept X-Files fan fiction.  It is now solely reserved for any and all writings pertaining to Hannibal Lecter.  The X-Files stories that are already a part of the site will remain as part of the archive accessed by a link at the bottom of the page.  I humbly apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please feel free and access our Links page to find other available X-Files websites.

Fan Fiction Submission Guidelines:

** When submitting, please include your preferred rating, a short summary and timeline, the genre of the story and your email address in the fic before the story body.  Those fics that do not have the rating, summary, timeline, genre and email addy will not be archived.  Please help us to serve you faster by following this very important guideline.  Thank you.**


1.  This site accepts canon and non-canon work involving any of Thomas Harris' characters.  Canon means that the story follows the normal body of work.  Non-canon means that the story deviates from the normal body of work.  However, this site considers story quality the utmost importance.  Any work submitted must be free of glaring grammatical and spelling errors, dialogue not included.

2.  All work submitted must have a discernible plot, regardless of length.

3.  All work submitted must be completed.  Works in progress will not be accepted. Sequels will be allowed, but the stories preceding them must be able to stand on their own as well.

4.  NC-17 submissions will be accepted.  If you deem a warning necessary, please say so. Slash fiction will not be accepted; if you have any questions or something you think may be questionable, please email me. I will be the sole arbiter of taste where this is concerned. Profanity will be allowed when and where it is relevant to the plot, but overuse of vulgarity should be avoided. I intend to be strict on this rule from now on, because to do otherwise would be to do disservice to Mr. Harris' creation and is not in keeping with the mood set for the fandom by those works.

5.  Graphic violence and abuse, unless directly related to the plot, will not be accepted.

6.  Each submission will be reviewed prior to posting.  Visionary is the sole decider of what is acceptable, so please adhere to the guidelines.

7. All submissions must be submitted in Word or Word Pad attachment...they will not be archived otherwise, as this is the format that is most compatible with the web editor.

8. Humorous works will be accepted; again, quality to be of utmost importance.

9. All submissions must be made in the English language.

* Please Note: Site updates are classified as times when I have updated material on the site, not necessarily added to the archive. You may have to look more than one place for new material; such places may also be, but not limited to, a new Quest or new features added to this page. The site updates are noted to let users know that there is something new that has been added as of that date.


Do you want to know more about the minds behind the fiction?  Take a moment...please participate in our Author Interview Project.


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Fans have been envisioned since April 30, 2001

Last updated:  November 25, 2004...with more to come. Promise!

Thanks for your continued support!!  The next update will be as soon as time allows.



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"When writing, whether it be poetry, prose, and especially fanfiction, be sure to achieve personal satisfaction with the piece.  Then let it be its own defense counsel.  Any story that cannot defend itself does not need to be told."

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