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Domestic Bliss


"She cradles her beloved in her arms and wishes it could always be like this. That time will stand still and somehow, magically, be frozen forever. She decides to add another room to her memory palace, a room that only the two of them can share so she can relive these hours over and over again.

~ A tender moment in time is shared, during the lull before the storm that would unleash a simmering fury upon the world.


Old Habit


"Clarice continued to stare at him unable to avert her eyes. Everything about his blood-soaked appearance thoroughly repulsed her. In his current condition he looked every bit as gory as the bodies shed examined at the most hideous murder scenes. The smell of the blood alone assaulting her nostrils was enough to make her long for somewhere out of his sight to wretch. But she couldnt leave the room. That would signify her revulsion and she wouldnt risk having Hannibal believe for one second that it was he that she couldnt abide being near.

She wanted to turn her back to him for just a moment and think about this..."

~ Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter face down insecurities they both have about their relationship when a certain old habit is resumed.



Demon Lover


"Okay, Clarice, you were jealous.  Go on and admit it.  You have every right to be.  That skanch was doing more than just checking him out.  You didnt think youd be angry.  Good job on not letting him see how upset you really were.  That took a lot of effort, girlfriend, major.  So what would you have done had she not backed off?  Is he worth it?  Is he worth everything?  What would you have done, Clarice?  How far are you willing to go for him?  What are you willing to do?  What will you do if it happens again?  Surely you dont think he is unappealing to other women? "

~ An exploration into how one of the world's most unlikely couples would handle the green-eyed monster of jealousy if it were to enter into their relationship.


What Is Liberty?

E. Wicks

You know what this implies dont you? He saw the muscle under her jaw jump as she clenched her teeth. George leaned forward subtly across his desk. Ardelia, her prints and Lecters were all over that house. And it was widely known that she and Mr. Krendler had a certain distaste for one another. This note seems to suggest that if she is with Dr. Lecter, she is willingly.

~ Ardelia Mapp is compelled to take the matter of her missing roommate into her own hands...which exacts a heavy cost.


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Traditional vampire mythology, Clarice, suggests that although the creatures do not intrude where they are not invited, once given entry, they are exceedingly difficult to be rid of again. Perhaps we can stretch the superstition far enough to be applicable to our own situation. Are you quite sure it's wise to offer carte blanche to me, Clarice? I am not a man of . . . mild disposition. Are you quite sure you want to?

~ Dr. Lecter and Clarice Starling experience psychological as well as physical breakthroughs together on an anniversary of the consummation of their relationship.


The Basement


My dad was a hunter, Stewart began. I used to go with him sometimes when I was younger, but I never developed a taste for it. Thats not important. What is important is that I learned a fair amount about how he used to dress out his kills. He cured a lot of the meat... He trailed off as a look of horrified understanding began to spread over Thomss face.

~ The officers who investigated Dr. Lecter's home recount their gruesome discovery in this suspenseful drama.


Cutting Up A Few Old Touches

Running With The Deer

"His eyes had already adjusted to the darkness, but he closed them to bring it back to three dimensions, adding smell and taste. After a moment, he was sure this was the right place. And in one corner, eyes open once again, he spotted a pile of burlap sacks. Getting warmer, he teased himself. Hot, hot. Gracefully, his back perfectly straight, he squatted by the sacks and began to lift them, one by one, at the corners. Soon a new pile had formed. A faint odor of mildew began to insinuate itself through the entire shed, and Lecter was soon forced to avert his face. But he went on, because of what his nose told him was beneath all of it.

He was soon rewarded. Like the most disciplined of shoppers, he turned with his newfound item and left the old smokehouse without a glance back."

~ Free now from his captors, Hannibal Lecter does a bit of research and makes a gruesome discovery before touching base with an old friend.


After Dinner On The Chesapeake

Running With The Deer

She could tell Ardelia most of it, perhaps all.  Anyone else would be told, under oath, that Dr. Lecter had taken marginal care of her, just enough to keep her lucid for answering his teasing questions and listening to his cruel taunts.  She would tell anyone who asked that he had made some bizarre advances toward her, which she had resolutely rejected.  That Lecter had declined to rape her would surprise few in the Bureau.  They knew his fetish for courtesy, and forced sex was just too rude, too crude, too lewdtoo common for Lecter.  Of course, and they also knew that she was a cold fish.  She was the sort of female that men raped for spite, not for sex. 

And once she had told them what they wanted to hear, it would be time to put on an interview suit and start casting about for the few souls on earth who had enough pity or respect for her to extend a job offer or a favorable reference. 

All good things to those who wait, Dr. Lecter had once said to her.

She knew a better one.  All good things must come to an end.

~ The next phase of a very special relationship unfolds in this classic that first introduced many Lecterphiles to the world of Lecterfic.


Twelve Past Entropy


A deeper, more primal voice, one that she did not recognize at all, and had never before been aware of, spoke directly from her gut in pre-verbal images - and the message was a harsh biological imperative, unadulterated by any emotional consideration . . .  taint, mutation, incompatible, unsuitable to mate, avoid, flee at once . . . perhaps the very voice of her womb.

But wasn't that part of it? The fascination? The black desire to unravel? The weird and compelling suggestion of forbidden mysteries and dark magic and blood-soaked miracles? What costs could ever sway her from her need to capture, to unveil, to know? If she felt lust tonight, it was this, always, that she lusted for most.  It was this that would be her undoing, if, indeed, she was to be undone.  

Clarice Starling shuddered momentarily, and was unable to tell if she shook in dread or desire.

~ After their supper on the Chesapeake, Dr. Lecter and Clarice Starling must work their way around to where they are going to go next with their relationship, and discover some unusual knowledge about each other.






Besides... she continued, a slight tremor creeping into her voice, there are only so many ways to detain you, given that Im unarmed at the moment.

Detain me? How very charming. A pause. And do you assume that I am unarmed as well, Clarice?

I dont think it makes much difference, Dr. Lecter.  She was grateful that the tremor had left her voice for the moment, but knew that the Doctor could hear the slight strain. A smile played over his features as he regarded her.

Of course. The unfortunate Dr. Chilton would have leapt at the opportunity to show you his... trophies.

~ Clarice Starling finds herself in a situation to confront the Doctor once again, in an unlikely setting, armed only with a set of handcuffs.


Eye Of  The Tiger

Starlit Skye

"I always thought that when I would finally have her, violins would start to play as on cue and Id hear an aria, any aria, from the opera as the music to the conjoining of our spirits, but no. No such thing...

...I have laid my burning heart into the very hands of Love and let her eat it, this trembling lady beneath my fingers, my Beatrice. Oh, how glorious a thing love is. Glorious like a winter sunset. Chilton was right about that one thing. I know again. And I know now, with certainty, how very much her breath has become my own."

~ Dr. Lecter experiences a completely new revelation within himself when he finally acquires that which he likes best.



First Dance


"Clarice awoke with a start the next morning, which was odd, since she usually woke slowly. She wasnt sure exactly what had awoken her. She didnt recall hearing a noise, her name called or someone startling her. She couldnt even recall if shed been having a bad dream that would make her want to awake with a start. Something was not right. She didnt feel the usual eagerness to start the day or the call of her mother for breakfast. There was something wrong in her house and the air trembled as she placed her feet into her slippers to go downstairs."

~Clarice Starling  finds repose in the arms of Hannibal Lecter after reliving an incident from her past.





"Hannibal had plans on seducing his Christine, and that was all Erik needed to know.  He had stood outside on the balcony for longer than he deemed even a reasonable man would stand and listen to his words.  When the lamp had been turned down, Eriks hand went instinctively to the Punjab lasso at his waist when he sensed that Hannibal Lecter had not turned off the lamp as a signal of his leaving the room."

~In the dark of the bedroom in a mansion, Erik watches and waits...will either man win?


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