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What our web site is about

This site is all about converting a manually guided telescope into a computer controlled telescope. By computer controlled we mean one that is quite capable of pointing  your optics (via motors) to known celestial objects (aka Go To) and then holding them in the eyepiece for however long you choose (aka tracking). The objects most frequently looked at are not only the stars you can see un-aided at night. By objects we mean nebulae, galaxies, open and globular clusters, planets, double stars, the moon and sun. The data base of available objects is only limited by your observing location and size of your optics.
Bill Wiegert has drawn a few pictures of what he sees in his telescope, a relatively small 5" refractor. Click here to learn what it is exactly amateur astronomers are looking at in the eyepieces. Be sure to look for a link at the bottom for the galaxies page.

Beginners needing a tutorial about telescopes, accessories in general, what books to read etc. should go to Bill Wiegert 'Beginners Page' on his web site. He has done an excellent job explaining the very basics of amateur astronomy.

The mounting of the optics, whichever type you may have or choose, can be either a german equatorial or a dobsonian mount. The software and hardware work equally well with either. The software will handle fork mounts as well, but we have not converted a fork mount yet.

The advantages to having a computer controlled telescope are many and we think Mel Bartels explains that best here.

The features of this system you can use to compare systems from Celestron or Meade are listed here for your convenience. The big advantage we offer that Mel does not list is that we sell a completed system using his hardware and software. You can get the whole system ready to be used in the field from us. You need not fuss over where to find all the parts, how to assemble them or even know how all of the system works internally. We can do all of that for you.

Electronics and software by Mel Bartels
Conversion design by Lenord Stage
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