G. Alsop, M. Anderson
R. Berg, A. Block
R. Funk, J. Dixon
M. Greenman, R. Gunnerson
C. Hansen, E. Hutchison
W. Jones, G. Ketchum

L. Lambert, B. Lamkin
R. Luttge, L. Mallory
M. Mayekawa, P. Millar
E. Olson, F. Ostendorf
H. Penn, G. Pennington
L. Pollock, P. Plummer

H. Priddle, J. Rhodes
W. Stine, G. Strong





Burbank, California

In Memoriam

Roy McMillin, '32
Mrs. Bertha Brown
Cafeteria Staff

Class of Winter 1931

Gladys Alsop
Milton Anderson
Robert Berg
Alfred Block
James Dixon
Roy Funk
Mildred Greenman
Robert Gunnerson
Charles Hansen
Elizabeth Hutchison
Weir Jones
George Ketchum
Louise Lambert
Ben Lamkin
Rosemary Luttge
Lyle Mallory
Mae Mayekawa
Peggy Millar
Edgar Olson
Fred Ostendorf
Harry Penn
Grace Pennington
Paul Plummer
Leola Pollock
Harry Priddle
John Rhodes
Walter Stine
Grace Strong

"East Is West and West is East"

Through questionaires many interesting things were brought to light about the graduates of Winter '31. Every month in the year is represented by birthdays. Three members of the class were born in Burbank; fifteen in the West; eight in the East; one in Scotland; and two in Canada. The ages of the graduates range from 16 to 19. Thirteen of the mothers and ten of the fathers of the class members graduated from high school, and six mothers and five fathers are college graduates. Washington, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Utah, Idaho, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Jersey, Alabama, Iowa, and Minnesota are the states lived in by various members of the class while the foreign countries travelled in are Canada, Scotland, Fiji Islands, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Mexico . . .

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