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Dreamwater guide to More Hits For FREE !

This guide will be quite short but wont be filled with lots unproven ideas.
The author has been on the web for over five years and currently runs six successful websites. These are the REAL things that work in order of importance.

Links, Links and more Links

The number one way to get traffic to your site is via links at other websites period. Forget the hype about search engines, the real traffic comes from quality links.
First set up a links page of your own.
The trick is to pick the correct sites, sites that match what your site is about.
If you have a fishing website, pick high traffic fishing and outdoors websites and write to the webmaster nicely asking if they would like to exchange links.
The easy way to find high traffic sites that matches your site is to go to the major search engines and type in a word that describes your site (ie fishing).
Contact the top 20 websites asking for links, you will get some rejection and some will ignore you but you will also get some quality links out of it.
The thing to remember is the higher the quality of your site, the more people will WANT to link to it.
The more links you get the better as it not only gives you lots of hits but also helps you rank higher in some search engines as they look at "link popularity" (the number of links from other pages to yours).

Search Engines and Directories

Dont ignore search engines and directories as they can be a great source of traffic.
Submit your site to as many as possible but what you will find is the top 10 engines will be the ones where most of the hits come from.
Learn about search engines and what makes your pages rank high. visit sites like virtualpromote and searchenginewatch (links on previous page) and learn about meta tags, key word density and all the do`s and don`ts of search engine submission.

Link Exchange Banners

These work quite well and can give you a number of extra hits per day, the trick is to test which banners give you the best click rate to your site.
Linkexchange is the oldest and one of the best as you can target who receives your banners.
Obviously if you run a fishing web site you want your banners shown on other fishing and outdoors websites to get the best match with potential visitors

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