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1967 H.M. Paduka Sri Baginda Sultan Haji Hasanal Bolkiah Muizz ud-din Waddaulah ibni al-Marhum Maulana Paduka Sri Begawan Sultan Muda Omar Ali Saif ud-din Saad ul-Khair wa ud-din, Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan of the State of Brunei Dar us-Salam, GCB (m 4.11.1992), GCMG (29.2.1972, CMG 7.8.1968). b. at Istana Dar us-Salam, Kampong Sumbiling Lama, Brunei Town, 15th July 1946, eldest son of General H.R.H. Paduka Sri Begawan Sultan Muda Haji Omar Ali Saif ud-din Saad ul-Khair wa ud-din ibni al-Marhum Sultan Muhammad Jamal ul-Alam Khair wa ud-din, GCVO, KCMG, by his second wife, H.R.H. Paduka Suri Sri Begawan Raja Pangiran Anak Damit, educ. Sultan Muhammad Jamal ul-Alam Malay Sch, Brunei, Jalan Gurney Sch. and Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur, Sultan Omar Ali Saif ud-din Coll, Brunei and RMA, Sandhurst. Invested as Heir Apparent with the title of Duli Paduka Sri Pangiran Muda Mahkota, 14th August 1961. Succeeded on the abdication of his father, 4th October 1967. Crowned at the Lapau di-Raja, Brunei Town, 1st August 1968. Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Home Affairs 1984, Minister for Defence 1986. Founder of the Most Illustrious Islamic Religious Order of the State of Brunei, the Most Illustrious Order of Sri Laila Jasa Keberanian Gemilang, and the Most Exalted Order of Military Gallantry on 1st August 1968 and the Royal Family Order of the Crown of Brunei on 15th August 1982. Gen Royal Brunei Malay Regt and Insp-Gen. Royal Brunei Police 15/7/1971, Field Marshal Royal Brunei Land Forces, Admiral of the Fleet Royal Brunei Navy, General Royal Brunei Air Force. Hon Capt Coldstream Guards 1/3/1968, Hon General British Army 23/2/1984, Hon Air Chief Marshal RAF 6/11/1992, Hon Admiral RN 4/8/2001. Chancellor Univ Brunei Darrussalam (UBD) 1998. Hon PhD (Litt) Univ of Brunei Dar us-Salam (21.9.1989), Hon PhD (Law) Univ of Malaya (15.2.1992), Hon DCL Oxon (5.11.1992), Univ of Aberdeen (6.7.1995), and Univ of Singapore (27.1.2005). Hon FRCS (2002).Rcvd: DK (23.9.1962), DMN (9.7.1980) and PGAT of Malaysia (29.10.1986), DK of Kelantan (3.8.1968), Johor (1980), Negri Sembilan (6.8.1980), Pahang (19.5.1984), Selangor (23.11.1987), Perlis (12.3.1988), Perak (7.8.1988), and Trengganu (4.10.1992), DUBS of Sarawak (9.3.1989), Knt of the Order of the Serephim of Sweden (7.2.2004), the Collars of the Orders of the Chrysanthemum of Japan (3.4.1984), Nile of Egypt (17.12.1984), Hussein bin Ali of the Jordan (19.12.1984), Muhammadiya of Morocco (16.9.1988), and Badr of Saudi Arabia (3.1.1999), Grand Order of Mugunghwa of Korea (6.4.1984), the Orders of Adipurna of Indonesia (22.10.1984), Civil Order of Oman 1st class (15.12.1984), Al-Khalifia of Bahrain (24.4.1988), Rajamitrabhorn of Thailand (1.11.1988), Tamasak 1st class and Military DSO of Singapore (12.2.1990), and the GC of the Orders of the Legion of Honour of France (12.2.1996) , and Merit (special class) of Germany (30.3.1998), the Nishan-i-Pakistan (18.9.1992), Raja of the Order of Sikatuna (29.8.1988) and Chief Cdr of the Legion of Honour (5.3.1998) of the Philippines, the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise 1st class (8.3.2004) and the Cross of Honour (28.1.2007) of the Ukraine, Phoxay Lane Xang of Laos (28.11.2004), etc. m. (first) at Bersanding, 28th July 1965, H.M. Paduka Sri Raja Istri Pangiran Anak Saleha (b. at Brunei Town, 7th October 1946), educ. Raja Istri Girls High Sch (STPRI), Brunei Town, and in London, Patron Womens Inst (WI), Pertiwi Assoc, PEKERTI, Girl Guides Assoc of Brunei, Brunei Government Senior Officers Wives Welfare Assoc (BISTARI), Womens Council of Brunei, Women Graduates Assoc, and the Brunei Shell Womens Assoc rcvd: DK of Kelantan (7.3.1999), GC of the Orders of Chula Chom Klao of Thailand (26.8.2002), Polar Star of Sweden (7.2.2004), Renaissance special class of Jordan (13.5.2008), the Order of Princess Olha 1st class of the Ukraine (8.3.2004), etc., daughter of H.R.H. Pangiran Pemancha Sahib ul-Rai wa ul-Mushuarat Pangiran Anak Haji Muhammad Alam ibni al-Marhum Pangiran Anak Abdul Rahman, OBE, sometime Minister for Home Affairs, by his wife, H.R.H. Pangiran Babu Raja Pangiran Anak Hajjah Besar, daughter of Y.A.M. Pangiran Anak Metassan bin Pangiran Anak Ismail Apong. m. (second) at Bandar Seri Begawan, 28th October 1981 (div. February 2003), Y.M. Dayang Hajjah Mariam binti Haji Abdul Aziz (b. 29th January 1956), previously styled Yang Amat Mulia Pangiran Bini (cre. 7th November 1981), and later Pangiran Istri with the style of Yang Teramat Mulia until her divorce in February 2003, Col-in-Chief Coy of Women Soldiers until 2003, Royal Patron BASMIDA, rcvd: DKMB, PHBS (1.8.1968) (29.11.1996), SDPKT, PMJ of Malaysia (11.4.1987), GC special class of the Orders of al-Kamal of Egypt (17.12.1984), and the Renaissance of Jordan (19.12.1984), the Grand Order of Mugunghhwa of Korea (6.4.1984), DK 1st class (6.3.1997) and SPMJ of Johor (11.4.1987), DK of Kelantan (7.3.1999), DA of Sarawak, Patron of the Handicapped Childrens Assn, of the Paraplegic and Physically Handicapped Assn and of Anti-drug Assoc, third daughter of Y.M. Haji Awang Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, ne James Bell, by his second wife, Y.M. Pangiran Rashida, eldest daughter of Y.M. Pangiran Muhammad Salleh bin Pangiran Munap. m. (third) at Istana Hinggap, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, 20th August 2005 (div. 16th June 2010), Cik Puan Azrinaz binti Mazhar Hakim (b. 28th September 1979), educ. Inst Media Integratif Malaysia (MIIM), Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur (dipl. Broadcasting 1997), broadcast journalist and newscaster with TV3 Malaysia 1997-2005, granted the style of Yang Teramat Mulia on her marriage 20th August 2005 and the title of Pangiran Istri 9th June 2006 (both revoked 16th June 2010), rcvd: DKMB (revoked 20.8.2005), and GC of the Order of the Renaissance special class of Jordan (13.5.2008), daughter of Encik Mazhar Hakim.  He has issue, five sons and six daughters:
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