Until the beginning of the twentieth century, Bhutan was ruled by the dual system of administration known as chhosi, initiated by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in 1651. He instituted the office of the Druk Desi to look after the temporal administration of the country and the Je Khenpo to look after religious matters. This form of dual government continued until the dawn of the twentieth century. In 1907, a large gathering of nobles, officials, and governors agreed to establish a hereditary monarchy in the person of Ugyen Wangchuk, the son of the 51st Druk Desi, and perhaps the most powerful ruler in the kingdom.  He became the first Maharaja of Bhutan. His grandson altered his title to Druk Gyalpo (Dragon King) and assumed the title of Majesty in 1963.
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The Sovereign: Mang-pos Bhur-ba'i rgyalpo, Druk Gyalpo, i.e. King of Bhutan, with the style of His Majesty.
Wives of the Sovereign: Gyalmo, i.e. Queen with the style of Her Majesty.
Mother of the Sovereign: Gyalyum, i.e. Queen Mother with the style of Her Majesty.
Sons of the Sovereign: Gyalsay Dasho, i.e. Prince with the style of His Royal Highness.
Daughters of the Sovereign: Ashi, i.e. Prince with the style of His Royal Highness. Copyright© Christopher Buyers Copyright© Christopher Buyers
Other male members of the Royal family: Dasho, i.e. Lord.
Other female members of the Royal family: Ashi, i.e. lady.
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Male primogeniture amongst the legitimate descendants of Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Sir Ugyen Wangchuk.
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Ashi/Saymo: lady, title born by female nobles and members of the Royal family.
Dasho: lord, title borne by male nobles and members of the Royal family.
Debi Zimpon: Chief Secretary.
Desi: Regent.
Donyer: protocol office.
Druk Desai: Deb Raja, or secular ruler.
Druk Gyalpo: Dragon King.
Druk-yul: Bhutan.
Dzong: castle, fort.
Dzong-da: Commissioner.
Dzong-pon: governor.
Gyalmo: Queen.
Gyalpo: King.
Gyalsay: Prince.
Gyaltshab: Regent.
Gyalyum: Queen Mother.
Je Khenpo: Sangha Raja, ruler.
Jong: valley. Copyright© Christopher Buyers 
Kusung Mami: Royal Bodyguard.
Kutshab: representative, ambassador.
Lam-Thripa: Lama who holds the throne.
Lhengay: Minister.
Lodyo Tshogdu: Royal Advisory Council.
Lyongchhen: Prime Minister.
Magpon: Army commander.
Mahakala: the protector-God of the Wangchuk family, usually represented by a raven's head.
Mang-pos Bhur-ba'i rgyalpo: the Precious Master of Power, King of Bhutan.
Ponlop: governor.
Phodrang: palace.
Rinpoche: reincarnate Lama.
Sha-kya: noble lineage.
Thrimsung Gagpa: Royal Bhutan Police.
Thrimpon: judge.
Tshogdu: National Assembly.
Tsipon: finance officer.
Tulku: reincarnation.
Zhung Donyer: Chief of Protocol.
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