"If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen." (1 Peter 4: 11)

Little River Falls-Alabama State Park atop Lookout Mountain-Photo by Randy Steed

This potpourri of 138 sermons are here for our visitors reading. We are not aware of any false doctrine in them, however, we have not read them all and cannot guarantee their content. As with all writings, please diligently compare them to the writings of the Holy scripture.

By Jay Yeager
The Providence Of God
By Louis Rushmore
What About The Thief?
By Wayne Jackson
The State Of The Dead
By Wayne Jackson
Ready To Give An Answer
By Jack H. Williams
The Church Of Christ
By Larry Growns
Types Of Faith
By Louis Rushmore
Repentance And Baptism
By Ryan W. Kepke
Is Conversion A Miracle?
By Jim O'Connor
The Church And Salvation
By Jody Apple
Is Ignorance An Excuse?
By Chuck Northrop
Death Bed Repentance
By David J. Riggs
Is Abortion Right Or Wrong
By Jeremy Northrop
Not According To The Pattern
By Ryan W. Kepke
First Century Church Today?
By Jim O'Connor
Can We Know The Origin Of Life?
By Robin W. Haley
Faith In Faith
By Jody Apple
An Open Approach
By Chuck Northrop
The Faith
By Louis Rushmore
A Merry Heart
By Jody Apple
A World Without God
By Jack H. Williams
Parable Of The Rich Fool
By Roger D. Campbell
Living Together-Right Or Wrong?
By Chuck Northrop
Christian Obligations
By Grady Scott
Leadership Of Elders
By Perry Cotham
Saved By Faith Alone?
By Gary L. Grizzell
By Tom Moore
Delegating Authority
By Ryan W. Kepke
By Marvin L. Weir
Is Baptism Essential?
By Ron Cosby
Who/What Is Final Authority?
By Gary L. Grizzell
Mostly Faithful
By Lynn Parker
Human Suffering
By David P. Brown
God Works
By Michael Hatcher
The Providence Of God
By Gil Yoder
By Louis Rushmore
Eroding The Foundation
By Tim Nichols
Sincerety-A Sufficient Guide?
By Lynn Parker
A Plea For Unity
By John Gaines
Abandoned Apostle
By Jim Sasser
As Simple As ABC
By Kenneth E. Thomas
If You Abide In My Word
By Kent E. Heaton Sr
By Bernie Dufour
Abominations Are Not Funny
By Bob W. Lovelace
By Tom Edwards
Providence And Angels
By Ron Cosby
Evil Surmising-Is It A Sin
By Tim Dooley
Does God Hear Sinners Prayers
By Steven E. Yeatts
By David P. Brown
Dysfunctional Elders
By Lynn Parker
Worship The Avenue Of Prayer
By Jeremy Northrop
Documentary Hypothesis-A Review
By Douglas R. Young
Why I Left Pentecostalism
By Lennie Reagan
A Flower For You
By Darrell Broking
Why I Left The Methodist Church
By Randy Kea
Why I Left Jehovah's Wittnesses
By Manny Lago
Why I Left The Episcopal Church
By Donald Z. Underwood
Why I Left Roman Catholicism
By Gary Henson
Why I Left The Christian Church
By Terry Sanders
Why I Left The Presbyterian Church
By Keith A. Mosher, Sr.
Why I Left The Nazarene Church
By Manlif Barnes
Why I Left Mormonism
By Waldon Langfield
Why I Left Agnosticism
By W. Kent Graham
By Shane Scott
Abraham Went
By John Gaines
Paul's Preparation For Death
By Roger Campbell
Becoming Accountable
By John Hendrix
The Abuse Of Abuses
By Warren E. Berkley
A Cappella Not Reasons
By Greg Gwin
Acting Without The Head
By Mickey Chandler
Actions Create Reactions
By Glen Young
Dating The Book Of Acts
By John T. Lewis
Lessons From Acts
By Terry Benton
G. C. Brewer On Acts 2:38
Kenny Chumbly
54 Translations On Acts 2:38
By Kenneth E. Thomas
The A.D. 70 Doctrine Examined
By Marc W. Gibson
Adopted Into The Family
By John Gaines
Adorning The Gospel
By John Hendrix
Baptism For Those In Adultery?
By Kenneth E. Thomas
The Sin Of Adultery
By Earl Fly
Blessings Of Adversity
By Jim Sasser
Aids And "Magic" Johnson
By Steve Willis
The Bible vs. Alcohol
By Mark Wadlington
The Bible On Alcohol
By P. W. Martin
Shocking Truth About Christmas
By Russell K. Tardo
What About Christmas?
By Tim Haile
Biblical Chronology AD 1-900
By Dr. R. C. Wetzel
The Mark Of Cain
By Kent E. Heaton, Sr
The Wife Of Cain
Author Not Listed
From Calculation To Conduct
By Warren E. Berkley
My Servant Caleb
By Terry W. Benton
Biblical Calendar Of History
By Harold Camping
The Called Out
By Warren Berkley
We Are A Called People
By Kent E. Heaton, Sr
Callused By Evil
By Greg Gwin
He Came To Himself
By Wayne Greeson
Camouflaged Club Houses
By Jim Sasser
What Is Carnal Mindedness?
By Steven Saunders
Catholic Apostolic Succession
By Steve Rudd
Render Unto Caesar
By Kent E. Heaton, Sr.
What Ceased?
By Wayne Wells
Good News Of Another Chance
By David Holder
Waiting For Jesus?
By John W. Quinn
For Child's Sake-Wake Up
By Jim Sasser
Walk As Children Of Light
By Kenneth E. Thomas
Consequences Of divorce
By Bob Cruse
Dangers Of Drug Use
By Danny L. Box
Excellence Of Rational Belief
By Tim Nichols
Feeling Good About Sin
By Kenneth Gossett
God Gave Us A Pattern
By Joe E. Galloway
An Apostolic Admonition
By Gary McDade
A Biblical Worldview
By Allan Turner
Sing With The Understanding
By Dub McClish
Legalism, Law, And Love
By Dub McClish
A People Of Principle
By Tim Nichols
Pivotal Principle Of The Plea
By George Beals
Preacher And His Family
By Bobby Liddel
What..Teaching Our Children?
By Andy McClish
When Love Grows Cold
By Gary McDade
Promise Of Perpetuity
By Gary McDade
The Age Of the Earth
By Jason Carter
Christ And The Church
By Foy E. Wallace, Jr.
The Bible
By Jerry C. Brewer
Born With Sinful Tendencies?
By Marvin L. Weir
Acceptable Worship
By H. Leo Boles
Archbishops And Mullahs
By H. Leo Boles
Member Of The Church?
By Nathan Brewer
Baptist Error & A Reply
By Nathan Brewer
Where In The Bible Will I Find..
By Gary Colley
Preaching To Please Who?
By John D. Cox
Distilled Truth
By Earl Gieseke
The Church..Not A Denomination
By Chuck Northrop
Modern Religious Trend
By Herschel E. Patton
Of 'I'm O.K, You're O.K'
By Roelf L. Ruffner
About The Final Day
By Preston Silcox
Man Made Religion Is Godless..
By Marvin L. Weir
Calling On The Name Of The Lord
By Preston Silcox
Authority In Religion
George W. Toland



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