Journey through the Bible - Lesson 1
Journey Through The Bible Lessons

"Gleaning Well Known Bible Stories For Overlooked Points And Details"

LESSON # 1           "In The Beginning..."
by Joel Hendon

All scripture references are from the New King James Version unless otherwise stated.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light." (Genesis 1: 1, 2, 3). Thus the Holy Bible begins and within a few brief words, gives a vast amount of information concerning the origin of the universe. From this point onward, the Bible explains more of how man happens to be here, what he is here for and where he is going, than any man or writer has since been able to come near duplicating.

Virtually all mankind, atheists, agnostics, evolutionists, pagans, Jews, Christians, and all others have been forced to agree that there are but two imaginable ways for the universe to have been developed and exist as it does. And incredibly, neither of these two ways are able to explain with purely scientific facts that we now know, how it could have happened. In simple terms, there are unanswered questions to each of the explanations and both require some plausible reason for understanding the beginning.

Our lesson number one is concerned with this singular subject and with an effort to rationalize which side of the dilemma has evidence enough to be conclusive. When approached with an open and unprejudiced mind, the question is easily and readily resolved.

Let us begin with the hypothesis promoted by evolutionists, skeptics and atheists, which is that the universe and all that is now in existence has been produced by a series of random events that have required eons of time to happen! Regardless of how utterly and ridiculously impossible this may sound, it has been accepted as a plausible possibility by most. At least enough that one cannot easily convince them that it could never happen. Except for pointing out gaps and inconsistencies in the total process. One of the primary problems which works against them since they insist that everything have a scientific basis, is that there is no such thing for the beginning of matter, or space, or even infinite time. No explanation whatsoever and thus they have no answer and no solution. Therefore, until they can produce such a solution, the entire hypothesis must be flushed down the drain. These proofs which make void the evolutionist theory will be examined in depth in a future lesson.

But for those of us recognized as "Creationists" who believe that there is overwhelming evidence of "intelligent design" within the universe, we have the answer! It does not satisfy those of the other persuasion but only for the exact same reason that stops their theory dead in it's tracks. It is a problem that cannot be empirically proven but nevertheless has adequate evidence to convince the most skeptical if they will only examine it deeply and without prejudice.

This subject is almost inexhaustible and certainly cannot be thoroughly covered in one lesson of reasonable length. We will, in this lesson, explain a couple of the most compelling reasons for accepting biblical creationism and for rejecting evolutionary chance. We also expect to present further evidence concerning these matters as we continue our "Journey Through the Bible" lessons.

In order for the atheistic evolutionist theory to be viable, there is a necessity that, (1) Matter must have existed for all eternity before this present time. Or, (2) at some point, matter happened to appear for no known reason. So let us look at the laws of thermodynamics to readily see that neither of these options are viable.

The first law of thermodynamics states simply that you cannot make or create something, from nothing. This is known to be a proven fact and is accepted by every scientist that I know of. So, this law alone eliminates the possibility that at some point, matter just accidentally appeared, or formed. There would have been nothing from which it could form. End of argument. Some scientists who have always accepted this law will now try to hedge on it, for no reason other than they cannot otherwise account for the existence of matter.

The second law of thermodynamics then disproves just as thoroughly the other hypothesis that matter has always existed. It is more complicated in it's explanation than is the other, but is just as conclusive. Essentially, we must recognize that all matter has some latent, or stored energy, within it. Energy, by a simple limited explanation is heat. (This is where the term thermodynamics is derived, simply meaning "heat activity", and this is recognized and accepted by all scientists as is the first law. The colder any material becomes, the less active the energy activity becomes until it reaches the point of absolute zero (-459 degrees fahrenheit) at which time all molecular activity ceases.

With that information in mind, here is what the second law of thermodynamics says: "Energy cannot return to the same energy state, because there is always an increase in disorder; entropy always increases." In simpler terms, think about this...when you burn a log of wood, the energy stored in the log is released into the atmosphere, or to whatever else is within the range of it's heat, and dissipates. There is also ash particles and some miniscule smoke particles still intact. Most of the stored energy in that log has been lost into space as nothing whatsoever except for energizing, slightly, the molecules of oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. Therefore, in every such action, some potential energy is rendered useless and unrecoverable.

When considering this scientific phenomenon, it must be remembered that molecular energy in matter is constantly in motion when above absolute zero temperature, the higher the temperature the more rapid is the motion. Also, energy (heat) transfers in an osmosis type manner from a hot object to a cooler object or molecule, therefore the energy is constantly moving toward equalization. With these facts in mind it becomes obvious that eventually all energy will have been dissimulated and become useless. Heat will be transferred into the surrounding atmospheric molecules and with endless space, eventually reach a point of absolute zero and thereby all motion will cease and all forms of life will have long since been gone.

Now the problem with the evolutionist's hypothesis that matter has always existed (throughout eternity, has been here forever) is the super question, why then is it still laden with energy and functioning wonderfully in an intelligent design? Certainly eternity is long enough that anything that must happen, will have already done so. When we talk about eternity, we are not talking about a billion million trillion years or even the result of that to trillionth power. That would not be equal to a second in eternity. So certainly the universe we live in is not designed to last that long. But let us say that, even if all we have said here is irrelevant, we still have the unanswered question of how did it all get here in the first place?

We will only briefly take notice of the prime reasons to accept the proposition that there exists an all wise, all powerful and all seeing God who created this universe and all that is in it. First and most importantly, it settles the unanswerable question of where all this came from. True, it does not explain the existence of God from eternity to eternity, something that mortals cannot comprehend, but if one accepts that fact, it answers all other questions concerning the universe. This, however, does not meet the demands of the atheists and evolutionists. So we must have evidence that this mighty being exists. The evidence exists and is overwhelming. The only way one can deny it is by exerting considerable effort to do so. The Bible itself is perhaps the strongest witness, not because it simply claims to be the word of God, but because of the extreme coverages of things not known by man at the time of it's being written.

The compiled Holy Scriptures create the most amazing and all encompassing book that has ever been known to man. That, in itself, when viewed in light of the times it was written and considering that modern man with all his extraordinary accumulation of knowledge and technology cannot commence to create any documents that will compare with it in the least. Today's greatest writers who have studied for a lifetime cannot predict the governments of a few hundred years from now. They cannot foretell the coming of pestilences and disasters with precision as these writers of old, some of whom were uneducated, even for their time. Does that not speak for something?

Rather, many men of today spend their lives researching, studying and writing, conspiring and comparing, in an effort to refute this magnificient volume and despite their knowledge, their resources for factual and scientific information, they fail. The Bible tells us plainly that, "There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matthew 24: 15)

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