Articles by Joel Hendon


Articles by Joel Hendon

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)

Lack Of Knowledge

Perhaps the one thing that will be the root cause of more people spending eternity in the torment of Hell, and is inexcusable, is ignorance. A lack of knowledge of God's word! Try running through a red stop light some day and then try to tell the police officer that you did not know that it was wrong. You will not only get the ticket he intended to give you, he may even try to get your license suspended. Ignorance of the law is NO excuse.

Of all the people who profess to be Christians, how much time per week do you feel they average in study of the Bible or related information? 20 hours? 10? 4? Or perhaps just the 3-4 hours spent in church services. If faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17), it seems to me that we could not accumulate a lot of faith simply by listening to a couple of sermons and a couple of Bible lessons per week. And without faith it is impossible to please Him. (Hebrews 11: 6) And what possible excuse will we give when we stand before God? Not too many people realize just how many admonitions for us to study are in the Bible. When asked for an example of such, most people will quickly give you 2 Timothy 2:15. This may be one of the most straight forward commands, but the Bible is filled with other such admonitions and pleadings.

Read Deuteronomy 6: 6-9. Acts 17:30 tells us that God winked at ignorance in times past but now commandeth all men, everywhere to repent. Matthew 11: 29 says: "Take my yoke upon you, and LEARN of me:...". 2 Peter 1: 5 tells us to add to our faith (which already requires some knowledge) virtue, and to virtue, KNOWLEDGE. And of course that will add to our faith. Every thing we do must be done in faith and that requires knowledge of God's word.

And brethren, we, especially here in America, are without excuse. We have access to Bibles, and if you are reading this, you must have a computer. Did you realize for instance, that our church website has well 0ver 3000 links to valuable biblical information, with links to many sermons, links to religious journals, articles, etc. And there are many more sites with almost unlimited information concerning God's word. I don't know where I first heard it, but my favorite saying is "You cannot obey God, if you don't know what He says!" Let us all work diligently while it is still day, for the night cometh when no man shall work.

Another excuse seems to be, "I just can't find time to read the Bible enough." Somehow, I just can't believe that such an excuse will cut it when we stand before God. Our priorities are just in the wrong place. How much time do we spend hunting, fishing, watching television, reading the newspaper, napping, plus perhaps a thousand other such items. Are all of those more important than studying God's word? The only way to assure oneself of adhering to a routine is to make one. Set aside an allotted time each day for study and for prayer. Then do it. If you are like me, I prefer to rise in the mornings to spend time in prayer and study before other activity sets in which can distract.

Read this article by David Padfield. It might help.

|Do You Love the Truth?|

07/23/02 JHH

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