By Joel Hendon

Now that the "Christ's Mass" holiday is upon us, first let me wish you all a very pleasant day tomorrow with your families and friends, with a great meal, and good will to all. But let me explain to all why I do not get taken up in the enthusiam of this national holiday

The vast majority of the many millions of people who celebrate this holiday as the Birth of Christ, simply enjoy it but do not realize the implications.

(1) Nowhere in the Holy writ will you find anything concerning the celebration of Christ's birthday. Had he wanted us to do so, He would have surely made it clear in His word, the day and the method. He has told us to remember His death, burial and resurrection every Lord's day, not just on Easter, and never with a bunny rabbit and a basket of eggs.

(2) The celebration, we call Christmas, had it's beginning even before Christianity. Of course, it wasn't called Christmas but was an annual pagan celebration of the winter solstice in worship of the "New Sun" and had/has nothing whatsoever to do with the Christ. Then later, as many pagans began to be converted into the Catholic church, they wanted to continue their old merriment and celebration. So, the Catholic church "Christianized" it by changing it to the celebration of the "New Son" and later called it Christmas from "Christ's Mass".

So, take your choice, you can celebrate a pagan superstition of sun worship, or you can celebrate a concoction of the Roman Catholic church, neither of which has any place in the activities of the Lord's church. Although, it should not have been, it is a national holiday here in the USA so there is no harm in taking the day for pleasure and family gatherings, but never lie to your children about it and never give others reason to think that you celebrate it as a religious holiday. Be careful.

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Since writing the article above which appeared in the 12/24/02 issue of the Household of Faith Ezine, I have been asked a number of questions concerning aspects of Christmas. One of the most frequently asked is something like, "What do you see wrong with one giving gifts to others, sending cards of friendship and love, peace on earth, good will toward man?" etc.

The question is quite silly and has absolutely nothing to do with the objection of celebrating Christmas. Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts to others, especially if they are in need, and we ought always to try and cheer people with good wishes, pleasant greetings, etc. Do all of those good things, and more. But don't give a pagan celebration Christianized by the Church of Rome, the glory for it.

There are several things a Christian should never do concerning the national holiday of Christmas. Don't participate in anything about it as an act of religion. Never give the appearance to the world that you are observing it religiously. Never include Santa Claus in it whatsoever. He is nothing but a fat slob of a fake and causes more people to lie to their children than any other thing I know of. When you tell your children anything, let it be the truth...always...so they know that when you tell them of God and His son Jesus, that you are serious and telling the truth.

Almost all secular businesses in the United States have December 25 as a national holiday. I'm not saying for you to quit your job because of that. Take the day and enjoy it like everyone else, just don't participate in the religious aspects of the day, cause it just ain't right!

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