Articles by Joel Hendon


Articles by Joel Hendon

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)


As global turmoil, war in Iraq, terrorists throughout the nations, etc. presents a crisis in the world, so do the invaders and followers of Satan continue to disrupt and destroy congregatiion after congregation within the Lord's church. This is occurring with increased momentum. Prior to 15-20 years ago, I could have worshipped with any congregation in this county and maintained a clear conscience. I now know of at least four that I would not, could not, associate with. What a horrible recognition!

I was born in 1930. I have seen many changes in society, in politics, morals, childraising, and even in the Lord's church. Most of these changes have been bad. But that which is occurring in the Lord's church at this time is by far, the worst. At least in my way of seeing things. As the highly publicized prayer of Joe Wright from Kansas prayed, we have killed our babies and called it choice, we have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem, we have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values."Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.." (Isaiah 5:20)

And in the Lord's church, we have ignored His authority and brought in instruments of music, we have altered His plan for worship by adding singing groups, women as preachers and prayer leaders, we have used His monies to build playgrounds and gymnasiums, and to build huge and elaborate buildings and steeples while neglecting the needy and the spreading of His word. We entice visitors by giving out $100.00 bills, and by offering free donuts and coffee to early arrivals. We have determined that it is perfectly alright to fellowship any religious group, even the Billy Graham crusades.

I urge all faithful Elders and church leaders to exert strong diligence towards keeping this cancer from infecting your flock. Stay aware of the thoughts of your people and be extremely careful when hiring a new preacher, or even inviting a guest speaker. This ultra liberal chancre sore often starts with only subtle innovations. Following are some good articles concerning this subject.

| Shall We Change--By Robert C. Veil, Jr. |

| Fatal error--By H. A. (Buster) Dobbs |

| Golden Calf Syndrone--By J. E. Choate |

| Authority In Religion--By George W. Toland |

04/15/03 JHH

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