Articles by Joel Hendon


Articles by Joel Hendon

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)


"The pride of life" is one of the most sneaky of Satan's tricks. Man has never been able to recognize it, in himself, until he is so taken up by it that it is difficult to overcome. Even those of us who have little talent, in about anything, can let pride do awful things to us when we do, by chance, accomplish something a little outstanding. When we have little confidence in ourselves, the smallest achievement seems great to us. So we strut around with our chest out. Others, who feel confident in themselves, want to monopolize the limelight. It is bad. We need to self-examine daily and strive not to seek recognition.

An "Inferiority complex" is a bad thing. It causes one to become a bore by constant praise of self, hoping to find approval and agreement from others. But an "Inferior Feeling" can be devastating. This latter is when one feels truly inferior and accepts it in his mind. He will not seek approval from others because he truly feels undeserving.

Then the "Superior Feeling" is also bad. Those that feel superior to others love to have their way, because they think it is, of necessity, the correct one. It is these who come to the point of feeling that they can alter God's plan and His word. They add to, and they take from, they wrest what is already there. They seek power and recognition, and the more people they can entice to attend their church services, even if it takes giving $50.00 bills to some attendees, furnishing coffee and cookies to all early arrivials or anything else, they feel they are certainly being elevated in the sight of man and of God! When actually, they are unconscious of the fact that Satan has injected them with a shot of "Pride Of Life".

There is a happy medium somewhere that a person can have self-confidence, yet realize that any abilities he has, are gifts from God. Without God, we are nothing, regardless of what we may think of ourselves.

03/04/03 JHH

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