Articles by Joel Hendon


Articles by Joel Hendon

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)

Communal Musings

Some probably wonder what is wrong with communal living, and under certain conditions, there might be nothing scripturally wrong with it, but the term would have to be used in a very liberal tone I think. Every aspect would have to be considered in light of the scripture. The reason one would do it is vitally important. The people with whom one would commune would have to be seriously considered. The degree of isolation from the outside world would be vital, and on and on.

It is for sure, one would have to have some vision or plan that would help convert those around him to New Testament Christianity. And, I am pretty sure that those within the commune would have to be of like precious faith before one could toss all his holdings into the communal pot. Likewise, it is important that we do not isolate ourselves from the world to the extent that they cannot witness our lives as we serve God. I really cannot visualize a communal situation that would be acceptable to God.

I am fully in favor of "Home" schooling our children. But I also firmly believe that we must include in that teaching, the reasons we have selected it. And also feel that it is vitally important to stress to our children that we cannot isolate ourselves from the world, rather, that we must learn to not be of the world. Always remember the early Christian martyrs who served God faithfully under adverse conditions and many were tortured and killed for doing so. Currently, the world is not a good place and, unfortunately, it may get far worse for those of us in the United States. Frankly, God gave us America, a land flowing with milk and honey, but we have thanked him by electing officials who would allow free course to murdering our unborn children, that would allow atheism and homosexuals rights that far exceed those of our "freedom of religion", that would allow (and sometimes require) our schools to teach the evolutionist hypothesis as fact, and require the teaching of the Quran in some schools but will not allow any references to Christian doctrines or the Bible. Let us always pray for our freedom.

11/12/02 JHH

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