Articles by Joel Hendon


Articles by Joel Hendon

"Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way" (Proverbs 23:19)

Community Church Movement
"Many will say to me in that day..." Matt. 7: 22 (KJV)

In the early 1970's, Bill Hybels started a movement primarily for high school students worship services, with contemporary music, drama, and Bible teaching directed to teens which became quite popular and he then began offering an adult version which started the "Willow Creek Community Church Movement". Then in 1980, Rick Warren along with Hybels, founded the Saddleback Community movement in California. Warrens book "The Purpose Driven Church" and the two churches themselves have spread and penetrated numerous denominations as well as the churches of Christ. The Saddleback congregation professes now to have 14,000 in attendance each week end. They have proven one point very strongly...If you want growth in numbers, forget the Lord's will and offer as much entertainment as you can possibly muster.

I know that I constantly ask you readers to read links that I list here, but the one below is perhaps the most informative and needed by all honest servants of God. Read this information, 10 articles by great gospel preachers, all on 1 long page. Take your time but please read it every bit. This covers the growth and influence of this denominational movement and the divisiveness it has created. It is urgent that all of us draw back our bows against this Satanic stronghold.

Since the Restoration of the Lord's church, we have seen huge splits in the brotherhood, over instruments of music in the worship, Bible study classes, support of instutions from the Lord's treasury, and several other things. Let us make every effort to stop this new apostacy before it again tears asunder the Lord's body. It has already reached large proportions.

| The Community Church Movement |

And another highly informative one

|The impact of the Willow Creek Community Church upon churches of Christ |

10/01/02 JHH

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