Chapter 30


Changing Allegiance

Chapter 30

Marianne looked up in confusion as she heard the sound of the front door opening. She dropped her dusting and darted out into the hallway, wiping her hands on her apron.

Duke Dermail was removing his gloves and pulling off his coat, leaving them on the bench near the front door. She raced forward. "Sir! I'm so sorry – I didn't hear the car…"

He shook his head and waved her back as she reached for his coat to help him out of it. "Do not worry yourself about it, my dear. I realise I'm here early…"

She frowned – he was seldom this… distraught. In fact, he hadn't even looked this bad when they received word that the house had been blown up. She quickly stowed his coat away in the closet and went to Dermail's study.

She was definitely concerned now – Dermail was drinking brandy at one o'clock in the afternoon. He never drank so early. She stepped inside, frowning. "Sir, are you okay?"

He looked up distractedly. "What? Well, yes, of course I am…" He tried to set his glass of brandy down and missed the table altogether. It fell to the ground with a crash.

Marianne ignored the shards of glass and the spreading stain on the carpet, instead grabbing the old man's arm and pulling him over to a nearby sofa. She sat down at his side. "Talking about it will help, sir."

Dermail's hands were shaking. "I didn't tell you that Wessex's little soldier survived the blast, did I?"

Marianne felt her blood go cold. Bravo was alive? And they were now in Wessex's city, not too far from his centre of operations. **Please tell me I'm not hearing this!**

He grimaced. "She's probably wishing she had died by now. I've never seen anything like it in my life."

Marianne went on auto-pilot as she left him to clean up the broken glass and spilled brandy. **I didn't think… God, the network isn't set up yet. How the hell am I going to get *this* report in?!**


Quatre returned to the conference room well after dinner had begun. He quietly took his seat next to Trowa, fending off all questions about his talk with Rashid with a wave and a "After we're finished", then turned the conversation to more pleasantly mundane things.

When the plates had been removed and coffee and tea passed around, Duo couldn't contain his curiosity any longer.

"Well, Q-monster? What did he say? What's the plan? How're we going - "

Quatre chuckled at his friend's impatience. "Calm down Duo. I'm going to tell you." Then he sobered, looking seriously at each member of the strike team in turn. "Rashid and I have a plan to get you into Nairobi and to the base. The actual mission plan is up to you three. But before I give you the full details, there are a few things that are non-negotiable and must be taken into account when you make those plans."

Wufei and Treize nodded, but Duo cocked his head with a frown. "I don't know, Quatre... it depends on what they are - "

"Hush, Duo," Heero said firmly, squeezing his lover's hand gently. "Quatre is only concerned with your safety. He won't suggest anything that will hamper the mission, only things that will aid in its success."

Duo stared at the Japanese teen for a moment, then turned back to the blond and nodded.

"Good," Quatre replied. "First, I think Wufei should be the team leader. Treize, I'm not doubting your capabilities, but you're too personally involved. One unconscious, poor decision could end up with you all captured or killed. Duo, I know you could do it, but - "

The long-haired teen shook his head. "Nah, Q, Wufei is the better choice. I can plan missions with the best of them, but when it comes to leading them..." He shrugged. "I'm more the 'Lone Ranger' type. On my own, I can be brilliant. Commanding a team... let's just trust Wufei, 'kay?"

The Chinese pilot nodded solemnly at his friend, acknowledging the praise and confidence from Duo, then looked at his lover. "Treize?"

Treize hesitated, then felt Zechs squeeze his thigh, and sighed. "As much as I hate to admit it, Quatre is right. Not only that, but you have more recent experience in this sort of thing. I agree."

Across the table, Sally and Une shared a look, and Sally cleared her throat. "While we're on the subject, I have one non-negotiable condition concerning Duo." Seeing that she had everyone's attention, she turned her gaze on the now-fuming braided teen. "I have agreed to clear you for duty, but I'm doing so against my better judgement. Your arm is still weak and not fully healed, as are your ribs and lung. Before you step foot on the plane out of here, I will fully tape your arm and chest, in the hope we can avoid any more damage. Wufei will check the tape before the actual mission and if necessary, redo it. Agreed?"

"Please, Duo?" Une asked softly.

Duo tipped his head and glanced at Heero beside him.

"It *is* a reasonable request, Duo," his lover said calmly, "and it won't really hamper your movement."

The Japanese pilot may have sounded calm, but Duo could see the turmoil in his eyes. He gave the other boy a small smile, then turned back to Sally. "As my other half said, it's a reasonable request. Agreed."

"Excellent!" Quatre said, then pulled out a map. "You leave here the day after tomorrow and fly onto a deserted airstrip just outside of Amman, Jordan. Rashid and a small group will meet you there. They will supply you with fake identity papers and disguises. From there you all will enter Amman and board a commercial flight to Nairobi..."

"Ah, Quatre," Wufei cut in, seeing the glint in the blond's eye, "who is *all*?"

"Rashid and fifteen of his best men will be joining you on this mission, Wufei," Quatre said firmly. "This is also not negotiable. They will not go inside, but they will hold the perimeter, create diversions, and give you three cover and an easier escape route." He raised his hand to stop any further comments. "There is a festival going on that night, so the city will be active well into the early hours of the morning. Your cover is that you're all a tourist group out of the Middle East, in town for said festival before moving on to the southwest for a sort of safari. As a 'tourist group' you'll be able to wander the city at all hours without too many questions being asked. Once the mission is completed, you should be able to fade back into the crowd fairly easily..."

Duo laughed out loud. "You know, Treize, I'd bet you look stunning in one of those scarves and the dress..."

Quatre tossed a balled piece of paper at the laughing teen and muttered sourly, "For the one-hundredth time... it's a ghutra, not a scarf, and a bisht, not a dress!"


The next morning, Duo dragged himself into the conference room, waving blearily at Wufei and Treize, already seated at the table.

"Coffee, Duo?" Treize asked, turning his head as he poured to hide his smirk. He added cream and sugar, then pushed the mug across the table.

The younger teen flopped into a chair across from him, yawned widely and clutched the mug, inhaling deeply.

"God, Treize, I think you just became my new best friend," he replied, tired eyes sparkling slightly. "In fact, if I weren't head over heels for Heero, I'd ask you to marry me."

Beside the ginger-haired man, Wufei snorted. "It's a good thing you're head over heels for Heero, because he's crazy about you, and if you were to propose to Treize, I would be forced to challenge you to a duel. Whether I won or not would be immaterial, because when your over-protective lover found out, he would pound me into the ground. So, yes, it's a very good thing you're attached to him at the hip."

As Treize and Duo's laughter at his short speech tapered off, Wufei continued. "Speaking of Heero, where is he? I would have expected him to be stuck to you like glue." He cocked his head and looked more closely at his long-haired friend and frowned. "And to be blunt, you look like shit. Please don't tell me you two argued again..."

Duo grinned and shook his head. "Heero is bringing us breakfast. And we didn't argue or anything, we were just up really late. Nothing like that, you pervert," he said, sticking his tongue out at Treize as the older man raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Not that I would have complained, mind you, but... Heero's not happy with me doing this. In fact, he's downright scared to death. I spent a couple of hours just reassuring him that I can do this, and the rest of the night soothing him out of nightmares. There's a switch, eh?"

Wufei nodded soberly.

"A switch?" Treize asked, confusion crossing his features.

Duo leaned back in his chair and stared into space for a moment. He nodded slightly, as if answering his own mental question, then looked straight at Treize.

"Most of my life has been a living hell, so I tend to have some really nasty nightmares. Usually it's me waking Heero or one of the others with a screaming meemie fit, not the other way around." Duo shrugged. "Being on the other side of it is… well, it's not fun. I never wanted to see Heero like this. Ever."

Wufei silenced Treize with a look and came around the table to rub at Duo's stiff shoulder. "He needs to get past this, Duo. I know it's difficult to see, but Heero needs to get comfortable with the idea of you taking missions again. You have to understand… the way you looked when Zechs and Une got you out… it scared us all. We know how tough you are - *Heero* knows how tough you are, but we have all been worried."

Duo nodded and reached up and squeezed his friend's hand. "I know... and I can handle it. But I don't have to like it." he said grinning lopsidedly. Seeing the Japanese teen's shadow outside the door he raised his voice. "So, if Heero *ever* finishes 'Mission-Breakfast' we can get down to some serious plans. The Manguanacs are going to supply the equipment... oh, hey, lover-boy, about damn time. Feed me!"


Twelve hours later, Heero rubbed at his eyes blearily, but doggedly stared down at the base plans. **Just one last look. I can find something else to help them, I know I can…**

Across the table, Treize and Wufei shared a look of concern and, getting a nod from his Chinese lover, the taller man looked to Duo. "You know, it's getting a little late. I think the plans look rather good, personally."

Duo nodded his head. "We've got a solid plan. Those bastards won't know what hit 'em!" He grinned brightly

Heero looked up, though, his face completely serious. "You should have at least one more planned exit route, Duo. Maybe an alternate…"

"Yuy, stop it. Right now," Wufei said, leaning over the table. "It's a good plan, and you know it."

Heero met the Chinese teen's stare angrily. "I just want to be sure…"

"Heero, please," Duo said in a soft voice. "We're ready, love. Have a little faith in us?"

The Japanese teen looked the long-haired boy in the eyes. "Duo, I'm just concerned for you, you know that."

"And I appreciate it, Heero. But you know it's a good plan." He took the Japanese teen's face in his hands. "I love you, too, Heero. With all my heart."

Wufei cleared his throat. "Well… whatever you two are thinking of doing, *we're* going back to find Zechs. Have a nice evening. Wake up call at 0700."

Duo gave his friend a grin. "Thanks, Stud. Don't you two let that blond God of yours wear you out, you got it?"

Treize shot the shorter teen a despairing look. "Be more worried for *him*, Mr Maxwell. Good night!" He pulled Wufei out the door with him.

Sighing, Heero pushed his chair out from the table and closed his eyes. "Duo… OUFF!"

He looked up in amazement - Duo had sprung into his lap and was grinning at him now from just a few inches away. "Yes, Hee-kitten?"

"Don't call me that…"

Duo straddled himself across Heero's lap and wrapped his arms around the Japanese teen's neck. Without even thinking about it, Heero's arms came up around his lover's waist, holding him tightly.

Duo once again caught Heero's face in his hands. "We will be fine, love. You know Wu's gonna stick to me like glue and…"

Heero reached up and put a finger to Duo's lips. "I just don't want you to get hurt again." He slid his hand up into Duo's hair and pulled the long-haired teen in for a gentle, but deep kiss.

Duo smiled warmly into Heero's eyes as they pulled apart. "I don't want to get hurt again, either, and I'll do my best not to. Now kiss me again and take me to bed, lover."

Heero's eyes went wide in shock as Duo scooted forward to rub against him suggestively. Duo gave himself a mental pat on the back. **You know you want it, Heero!**

The Japanese teen's hands tightened around Duo's waist.. "Duo, you're still…"

"Dammit! If I'm well enough to go on a mission, I'm well enough for some lovin, too!" Duo seized Heero tightly and planted a hard, demanding kiss on his lips.

Heero moaned into the kiss, his grip tightening as Duo wrapped his legs around him. He needed this, he needed this so much…

Duo broke the kiss and leaned closer, his breath teasing Heero's ear. "Take me to bed and ravish me silly, Heero." He ran his tongue along the shell of Heero's ear and sucked on the lobe gently, appreciating the shiver running through the body he was wrapped around.

Without another word, Heero's muscles flexed, and the Japanese teen stood with Duo still in his arms and headed for the door.


Treize sighed mentally as he stood outside the small conference room doubling as Marie's bedroom. It had been a long day, the morning filled with mission planning, the afternoon with various administration duties, and more planning after dinner. Wufei had gone to drag Zechs from the hangar, while Treize tucked Marie into bed and tried to explain their absence for a few days.

**At least Duo took a long nap this afternoon. Poor boy needed it,** he thought, rubbing his hand over his eyes. **I doubt tonight will be as bad for him, though. Heero seems to be... well, not satisfied with the plan, but he can't find anything we missed -- **

"Okay, Papa! I'm ready!" Marie's voice floated through the slightly opened door.

Treize entered, walked to the couch and sat on its edge, tucking his daughter in.

"Papa... something's not right," the little girl said, tugging on his shirt sleeve. "Uncle Duo wasn't laughing as much, Uncle Heero doesn't look happy, Uncle Zechs is sad..."

"Nothing's wrong, exactly, Marie," Treize said slowly, "but Uncle Wufei, Uncle Duo and I have to go on a trip for a few days. Uncle Duo and Uncle Heero are sad that they're going to be apart, and Uncle Zechs is sad because he's going to miss Uncle Wufei and me..."

Marie nodded, then a cheeky grin appeared on her face. "You, Uncle Fei and Uncle Zechs are special, too, aren't you?"

"Marie... ah... well..." Treize blushed, then sighed. "You, miss, are too smart for your own good," he said, tapping the end of her nose. "Yes, sweetheart, we are -- "

"Yay!" she yelled, throwing herself into her father's arms. "I knew it! I saw Uncle Zechs kiss Uncle Fei right on the lips! Just like Uncle Heero and Uncle Duo and Walker and Lady!"

Treize sat stunned for a moment, first surprised, then very pleased, and smiled. "So, when did you see Uncle Zechs kiss Uncle Wufei?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her.

"When we made the snowman... but they didn't see me seeing them," she whispered smugly, then giggled. "Uncle Wufei turned red... just like you did a minute ago."

"Well, adults sometimes turn red when little girls ask awkward questions and they aren't sure how to answer. Now, let's get you into bed. It's late, and you need to sleep if you're going to get up early to wave good-bye to us."

Marie laid back down and snuggled into the blankets.

"Papa," she asked, hesitantly, "you won't be gone a long time?"

"No, sweetheart," Treize replied, kissing her forehead. "Only a couple of days. Sally, Une, Walker, Howard and everyone else on the base will be here and take care of you. We're only going to be gone a few days - four or five at most. Then we'll be back. But I need you to do me a favour."

Marie nodded solemnly.

"Uncle Zechs and Uncle Heero are going to miss us while we're gone, and they'll be sad. Would you help Uncle Quatre and Uncle Trowa to cheer them up?"

"Yes, Papa," the little girl replied, smiling brightly. "I'll play with them lots!"

"That's my girl," Treize said, giving her another kiss, then standing and walking to the door. "Goodnight, Marie. I love you."

"I love you, too, Papa. See you in the morning..."


Treize stopped in surprise when he ran into Wufei, walking back towards their room along. "You didn't find him?"

The Chinese teen shook his head. "No. Walker told me he'd left the hangar about an hour ago…"

"Walker's still down there?" Treize exclaimed. "Doesn't that man ever sleep?"

Wufei smirked evilly. "I'm sure Lady Une sees to it on a regular basis."

"To quote our friend Duo, I *so* didn't need that image," Treize grumbled, trying not to grin.

They made it back to their room without a problem, both stopping to admire the view as they closed the door behind them.

Zechs was spread out on the bed shirtless, laying on his stomach as he read from a dark-blue leather bound book. He looked up and smiled as he marked his page. "It took you long enough," he commented.

Wufei surreptitiously turned the lock behind his back. "We didn't see *you* helping out, love." He walked over slowly, reaching for his hair tie as he moved.

Zechs pushed himself up and stretched lazily. Both Wufei and Treize felt the temperature heat up in the small room.

Zechs tossed his hair back over his shoulder. "I didn't think you'd want to deal with *two* mother hens."

Treize laughed. "Love, I don't think you've ever been as bad as Yuy is…" He wrapped his arms around the blond from behind and inhaled the scent of his shampoo deeply. "But let's not talk about him right now, shall we?"

Wufei and Zechs shared a smile – Treize had the sexiest voice on earth – that much was absolutely certain! The Chinese teen sauntered closer, playing with the buttons of his shirt. "How about we don't talk at all?" He slipped his arms around Zechs and pulled his face down for a deep, loving kiss.

The tall blond shivered – Between Wufei in front of him and Treize behind him, now nibbling at his neck and running those knowing hands around over Zechs' flat, trim stomach and grinding suggestively against his backside, he was quickly losing the ability to think. He broke off the kiss, running his fingers through Wufei's beautiful hair. "Why do I get the impression that I'm in a lot of trouble?"

Treize chuckled low in his throat as his nimble fingers found the fastenings of Zechs' jeans and popped the button. "Not trouble, love. Never trouble, just in for the ride of your life."

Wufei smiled up into Zechs' eyes and spoke to Treize, not breaking eye contact with the tall blond between them. "Will you unwrap my present for me, love?"


Zechs moaned as Wufei began kissing his way down his chest while Treize brushed long blond locks out of the way and kissed and nibbled his way down the curve of Zechs' neck to his shoulder and back again. He turned his face to capture those teasing lips as Wufei sank to his knees and eyed the deliciously upright sign of Zechs' excitement. He licked his lips. "Lovely." Eyeing his prize, he slowly lowered his head and took Zechs in his mouth.

The blond moaned into Treize's kiss. Treize stepped around him and the two older men embraced, never breaking their kiss. Without missing a beat, Wufei quickly opened Treize's trousers and liberated him as well, stroking both of his lovers and, giving Zechs one last kiss, switching to taste Treize, as well.

Treize gasped for air, and Zechs took the chance to look down, the sight of their Chinese lover sucking on Treize sending shivers down his spine. "God, Fei…"

Treize chuckled darkly, and Zechs groaned in pleasure as he felt nimble fingers tracing over his backside and circling his entrance. "Treize… You two are going to kill me…"

Wufei released Treize slowly, savouring the moan it drew from the tall aristocrat. "At least you'll die happy." He pulled Zechs closer, and Treize moved in as well – the three shared a messy, three-way kiss.

Treize and Zechs watched appreciatively as Wufei stepped back and stripped off his clothes. Caramel skin was bared inch by inch, muscles already gleaming with a sheen of sweat. Wufei kicked his clothes away and approached them slowly, his eyes bright and lusty-

With a growl, Zechs caught the slighter teen around the waist and tossed him onto the bed, pouncing after him and settling above him with a grin. "I've got you where I want you." He leaned down for a deep kiss.

Treize smiled as he climbed onto the bed behind Zechs, a tube of lube in his hand. He began kissing a trail down Zechs' spine and mumbled against his skin, "Spread him."

Wufei's deep laugh drew a moan of longing from deep within Treize's chest – He squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers and continued kissing his way even lower.

Zechs began to prep his lover slowly, enjoying the whimpering sounds Wufei was now making. He kissed and licked a trail down Wufei's body, stopping to suck gently at the teen's nipples.

Treize nipped at Zechs' shoulderblades, working two fingers gently inside of Zechs. "Tell me what you want, Zechs."

The blond shuddered. "Treize…"


Wufei's hands moved up into Zechs' hair and pulled him down for a deep kiss that had the blond moaning wildly. Chuckling to himself, Treize added a third finger. "Wufei, are you ready?"

The Chinese teen gasped for air as Zechs removed his fingers and applied more lube to his straining erection. "Very ready, love. Do it… please?"

The coy, soft tone of that please made both older men groan in pure need, and Zechs pressed Wufei's legs wide open, then slowly began to slip inside of him.

Treize was practically trembling with need as he watched Wufei gasping for air, the most exquisite expression on his face. He pressed a kiss to the back of Zechs' neck. "I love you two so much…" Holding Zechs' hips steady, he pushed into the blond as slowly as he could stand it.

Zechs whimpered into Wufei's kiss, trembling, and the Chinese teen kissed his forehead gently, arms wrapped around his neck. "Zechs, please…"

Treize began a rhythm, pumping in and out of the blond slowly, enjoying the way both his lovers were gasping and moaning beneath him. Wufei had his legs wrapped around Zechs' waist, inviting him to go deeper, harder…

And Treize was only too happy to oblige.

He began slamming harder into the blond, drawing gasps and cries from them both. "Tell me what you want, Zechs, Wufei. Tell me…"

"Treize, you are an evil bastard…" Wufei moaned out, as the ginger-haired man slowed his thrusts again.

Shaking with the effort of holding back, Treize purred, "But you like me like that, don't you? Tell me what you want."

"Treize, please…" Zechs claimed Wufei's lips again, kissing him desperately.

Treize pulled out almost all the way, then slammed back into Zechs hard, hitting his prostate with uncanny accuracy, making both men cry out again beneath him. "Tell me."

Zechs whimpered. "God, Treize, just make us come…"

Another thrust. "And you, Dragon?"

Wufei trembled. "You heard the man, now DO IT!"

Treize gave up any pretence of control, driving into Zechs and pushing the blond as deep as he could into Wufei, beneath him. All three panted for breath madly-

Zechs trembled and stiffened abruptly, and Wufei grabbed him, kissing him senseless as the blond climaxed inside of him. As Zechs hit his prostate with a hard thrust, Wufei came, as well.

Treize drove into the blond's tight, perfect body one last time before he joined them, shivering and trembling hard as all strength left his limbs.

All three panted raggedly, and Treize closed his eyes, leaning his cheek against Zechs' trembling back. "God, I love you…"

Wufei's voice was still shaky. "Umm… guys? Air…"

With a groan, Zechs levered himself and Treize off of the slighter young man, turning all three onto their sides. He smiled as his two lovers pushed him onto his back and snuggled into his broad chest. Treize reached across and gently wiped Wufei's fine, black hair back from his face. Wufei smiled back and snuggled closer in against the blond.

With a warm feeling in his chest, Treize leaned down and pulled a warm blanket over them all, then kissed both men gently. "Good night – I love you both."

"Mmmm…" was all the answer he got. He settled in comfortably, as well, and quickly joined them in sleep.


Duo held on tightly as Heero carried him into their room, shutting the door tightly behind them and locking it as an afterthought, knowing that Marie had found her way into their room once before…

The long-haired teen would never admit to it, but he had to take it *very* easy, or else there was no way he'd been in shape for a mission in the morning!

Heero seemed to know already, though. His hands were gentle and caressing as he set his lover down on the bed. He sat up, eyes locked on his lover's face and the gentle, but lustful smile he saw there… Heero stepped between Duo's spread knees and gently ran his hands over the smaller teen's shoulders and down his back, tracing ridges of muscle that were still well-defined, despite the bandages on his torso. His hands came back up to cup Duo's face as he leaned in for a deep kiss.

Duo's own hands were splayed over Heero's chest, stroking him gently as they kissed, and then dipping lower to slide up under the Japanese teen's sweater. He traced fingertips over warm, firm skin, pushing the sweater up-

Heero stepped back and stripped off his sweater. His eyes burned as he stepped forward again and gently caught Duo's hands in his own. "Duo… we do this my way tonight, okay? Let me take care of you…"

Duo squeezed Heero's hands. "Heero, I'm okay, I really am…"

"Let me do this… please," Heero said, pulling Duo's hands to his lips and planting tender kisses in both palms. "I need this, Duo."

The long-haired boy's breath hitched at the feeling of Heero's lips on his skin. "Heero… o-okay…"

The Japanese teen smiled. "I thought you'd see it my way." He ran his hands up Duo's arms and pulled him into his arms for another kiss.

Duo clung to his lover, his entire body thrumming with energy and love. **He's so gentle, so sweet, my Heero…** As they broke their kiss, he leaned his forehead against Heero's chest, pressing a string of kisses along the Japanese teen's shoulder and collarbone. "Love you."

Heero carefully peeled Duo's sweater up and off over his head, being very careful not to catch any of the boy's bandages. Tossing the garment over his shoulder, uncaring of where it landed, he dove and captured a rosy nipple between his lips.

Duo whimpered, his hands come up of their own volition to bury themselves in Heero's soft hair. As Heero pulled back, Duo nuzzled the Japanese teen's warm skin. He looked up into Heero's eyes as he reached for the button fastenings of his jeans and popped the first button.

Heero was drowning under Duo's gentle caresses, his breath hitching as Duo slowly opened his jeans and pushed them down and off. He kicked the pants away and simply stood before his lover, breathing heavily as Duo's eyes swept over him, a flush of lust and love spreading over the American teen's face.

Duo reached out and wrapped his fingers around Heero's arousal, still staring into his eyes as he began to pump him slowly. Heero's breath caught.

Duo scooted forward and, still staring up into Heero's eyes, kissed his stomach, and steadily began kissing lower and lower until he swiped at Heero's swollen member with the tip of his tongue. "Duo…"

The long-haired teen shivered at the tone in his lover's voice and slowly enveloped Heero in his mouth.

Heero groaned. It had been too long since he'd last *truly* felt Duo's touch and buried himself in that incredible, beautiful body. And now that fantastic, steamy-wet heat around him, moving on him…

Duo slowly pulled back, his hand still moving over Heero's erect flesh. "Heero, I want you inside me…" He leaned forward and licked at the tip of Heero's erection, blowing lightly over slickened skin and raising goose bumps all up and down the Japanese teen's body.

Heero reached down and pulled Duo to his feet, quickly reaching for the fastenings of Duo's pants and peeling the jeans down to reveal inch after inch of tantalising, toned, creamy skin. Still standing, Heero pulled his now naked lover into his arms and kissed him deeply. Duo's hands ghosted down Heero's back and squeezed his buttocks, rocking their groins together and drawing a moan from both.

Heero broke the kiss and smiled into Duo's eyes as he slowly reclined onto the bed, pulling Duo down on top of him. They kissed again, and Heero reached for the bedside table, fumbling in the drawer for a tub of lube. He handed it to Duo and ran his fingers down over his still-wrapped ribs and down into his lap, stroking him gently. "Prep?"

"Love to." Duo's voice was velvet-smooth and warm, tinged with anticipation and a healthy dose of lust that made Heero's arousal pulse with need. As the long-haired teen's now slick hand began stroking him again, Heero bit back a cry, his breath hissing out between his teeth as he arched into that caress. Duo's hand left him gasping for air, and he looked up into Duo's eyes.

Duo lifted himself and straddled Heero, then lowered himself onto Heero's lap, impaling himself slowly. He threw his head back, braid twitching as he moved. "Heero, God, Heero…"

The Japanese teen gripped Duo's hips, guiding his lover as Duo began to move, riding him, gasping for breath at the sweet friction.

Heero pulled Duo down onto his chest, kissing him deeply as he began thrusting up into him, hands squeezing and caressing. Tongues dancing and pulses racing.

With a ragged cry, Duo leaned back, one hand curling around his own arousal and pumping in turn. Heero's hand joined his quickly, guiding his speed and pressure, the other hand supporting Duo's lower back. "Heero, I’m so close…"


"I love you, Heero…"

Heero's soft voice rang in Duo's ears. "Come for me, Duo." He gripped the American's hips with both hands and drove himself hard up into his lover.

Duo's eyes shot wide open as fire danced over his senses and he cried out, stiffening as pleasure took him over.

Heero pulled Duo into his arms and held him tight as he drove into him one last time and came, as well. He poured all his feelings into a hot, demanding kiss, drowning in Duo.

"You are mine, Duo, mine forever," Heero whispered, gently stroking Duo's long braid and sweat-slickened skin.

"Yours." Duo planted a gentle kiss over Heero's heart, giggling slightly as he tasted something bittersweet. "God, I'm a messy lover."

Heero laughed as well, his arms coming up around Duo and rolling him to his side. Leaning over the long-haired teen, he kissed him deeply, then slipped from the bed.

"Heero?" Duo's voice was confused.

The Japanese boy quickly grabbed a towel and returned to the bed to gently wipe down both himself and his lover. He tossed the towel to the floor and grabbed a blanket to cover them both with as he joined Duo again. He smiled and kissed his lover. "Don't want Sally to find *that* on your bandages tomorrow, do we?"

Duo's bright-eyed smile was all the answer he needed.


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